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I am so excited to let you guys know about this awesome book bundle I found – it contains 60 books, 10 bonuses, plus a ton of other great resources. The Back to Basics Bundle contains all kinds of books relating to Homeschooling, Preparedness, Cooking from Scratch, and even Natural Remedies. I love it because they won’t clutter your house – they can be easily be downloaded to your tablet or computer.

First, I had to check out the Cooking from Scratch books!! The 10 Minute Prep Freezer Meals really caught my eye since our family needs this due to my busy schedule.  It has recipes all the way from Cilantro Lime Chicken to General Tso’s Chicken – from Beef Carnitas to Zesty Slow Cooker Flank Steak. I love this book! It’s a time-saver!!


Oh, and guess what? I found something that my daughter can eat for breakfast! She hates duck eggs (that’s the only type of eggs she can eat) just by themselves. And she can’t eat toast unless it’s gluten-free. Anyone that has eaten gluten-free bread (that you buy in the regular store) knows it tastes like a dried-out sponge. So she really doesn’t want that for breakfast unless it is last resort. She found the recipe for Apple Meal in the Hearty & Grounding Meal Plan book. This is the perfect solution! Now she has something to go along with her duck eggs!!!

The other book that really caught my eye is the Homeschool Planner. It is such a life-saver!! There is a plethora of organizational tools included in this book – all the way from a Book Log to a Field Trip Planning List – from an Easy Lunch List to Weekly Lesson Plans. These are crucial to have especially when teaching multiple levels. This helps me stay organized since organizing isn’t my special gift – if you know what I mean. haha


And, by the way, you have got to check out theses two books – Homemade Beauty Essentials & Natural Beauty from Head to Toe.

In Homemade Beauty Essentials, Jessica Lane includes 15 recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to make lotions and soaps from natural sources like coconut oil and shea butter. My favorite is the Love Lavender Facial Soap. She also includes Lip Balm recipes like Nude Balm and Orange Chocolate Balm.

In Natural Beauty from Head to Toe,  the Simple Life Mom shows you how to make natural deodorants, powder and liquid foundations, and even men’s aftershave and beard oil. I love this part because I am still trying to find a good recipe for make-up and this looks like it will work. Once or twice a year, I like to wear a little foundation. But I don’t like putting anything on my skin that I can’t ingest. So this book is the perfect solution for my make-up dilemma. hehe

Before I finish – I can’t go without telling you guys about the Homestead Management binder. It has all the tools you need to start a homestead and maintain it. I was so excited to see all the organizational charts and calendars included. It has a ton of printable charts like a Gardening Planning Calendar and a Homestead Expense Chart. In the homesteading section, there is also a book on Tips For The Beginning Beekeeping as well as one on Urban Farming for Kids. 

I wish I could tell you about all the books that are included in this bundle. But there are so many –  there are more than 60 books and that doesn’t include the bonuses. For that many books – you cannot buy them that cheap – 60+ books for $29.97. This is 90% off their normal price. So, click here to get your own bundle and see them all. They will keep you reading for hours!!! Have fun!!!!!


Back to Basics Bundle (60+ books) – 90% off – $29.97



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